mfs double scooter


mfs E1000 Duo Silver The fully electric mfs E1000 Duo scooter is ideal for elderly or physically handicapped people thanks to its deep entry and comfortable seat with folding armrests. Modern design, super comfort, powerful and silent, the mfs E1000 duo scooter is designed to offer you the highest possible comfort and space. This adult scooter offers you a lot of space, taller people also have the space on this scooter. With its 10-inch wheels, it provides good stability. Very competitively priced Captain seat with adjustable armrests Optionally including suitcase Comfortable handling due to 10 inch wheels Glove box available Including wheelie bar at the rear Warning signal when driving backwards  The mfs E1000 Duo scooter with 3 wheels is optionally supplied with a suitcase which is extremely handy for your (shopping) bag to transport. There is also extra storage space under the seat. A (captain) seat with adjustable armrests, that is what makes this scooter with a maximum speed of 25 km/h unique. The ergonomically shaped handlebar is easy to operate and clear for every user. Equipped with a storage compartment on the inside for, for example, your mobile phone, conveniently within reach. The lighting on a scooter ensures good safety.