MFS Lux Special Electric Black


MFS Lux Special Electric Black
The Lux Special Electric is standard equipped with:

Crash bar set black or aluminum (excl. front carrier) worth â299
Windshield XL Transparent or Smoke worth €99 Foot plates
black or aluminum worth €39
Special saddle worth â ‚¬89
The MFS Lux Electric is very similar to the popular Vespa LX, but a lot cheaper! This is therefore an ideal electric scooter for when you have a limited budget.

For an overview of all colors you can look here.

The MFS Lux Electric is the affordable alternative to a Vespa, which makes the MFS Lux Electric an extremely interesting option for those who want to drive a stylish electric scooter without paying the top price. The designers at MFS looked closely at their Vespa competitors when developing the Lux, and rightly so! Vespa scooters are extremely popular because of their trendy appearance. Unfortunately, the real Vespas are also quite pricey, but an MFS Lux Electric solves that problem in any case.

Possibility of two batteries for a higher range
Standard with LED Daytime running lights, headlights and indicators
Renewed aluminum swingarm for improved road
holding Standard incl. rear folding carrier, black
Equipped with a reliable 2000w Bosch motor
Modern and timeless
A scooter that is both modern and timeless? That seems contradictory. Yet you immediately see what is meant when you look at the MFS Lux Electric. The style elements that return

Specifications for: MFS Lux Special Electric Black
DriveRear -wheel drive Range up to
60 km
Engine2000w Bosch maintenance
-free Battery72V 20Ah
Battery typeLithium-Ion
Charging time5-8 hours
Brake typeFront disc / rear disc
Maximum allowed weight200kg
Empty weight87 kg
standYes Wheels10 inch
Length178 cm
Width69 cm
Height113 cm
LED LightingFull LED
Number of personsMaximum 2
Maximum number of batteries2