MFS E GO S3 Red And the ONE of E-GO S3, it is a real eye-catcher on the road with a modern look. The electric scooter has a very contemporary and stylish design. The scooter is equipped with a powerful 2000-watt Bosch motor with ease and convenience at a maximum speed of 45 km/h (25 mile/h) can be obtained. The removable lithium-ion battery enables a range of 80 kilometres, it is possible. Very responsive, E-GO, the S3 is a good choice for both commuting and recreational use. Low maintenance The main advantage of an electric car is the engine. Because it is powered by electricity, it is much cheaper to drive than gasoline. It is also the engine to less wear and tear due to fewer spare parts are available. The only maintenance you have to be the ONE of E-GO-S3, will, it is possible to wear and tear on the brakes, and tires. That's going to save the change. The advantages of the E-GO S3: The LED lights on the front and the back - Removable, li-ion battery A reliable, 2000-watt Bosch motor Flip-out heel rests for the passenger An option for a case (color) - for extra storage Clear and bright LCD of Dashboard The standard features of an alarm, and Keyless driving Aluminum, Titanium, and swinging arm rear Features of the EBS braking system, Electronic Brake System) For Extra sturdiness, and comfort In place of the standard rear axle is the ONE of E-GO S3 is equipped with an extremely strong titanium, and swing-arm. It provides extra support and comfort on the road

Specifications: MFS E GO S3 Red AandrijvingAchterwielaandrijving Actieradiusmaximaal is 80 km away Motor2000w Bosch, maintenance-free Accu60V 24Ah Battery typeLithium-Ion Laadtijd5 pm Brake typeVoor disc / rear disc The maximum allowed for gewicht200 kg Leeggewicht57 kg MiddenstandaardJa Wielen10 inch Lengte173 cm Breedte73,5 cm Hoogte109 cm LED VerlichtingJa The number of personenMaximaal 2 The maximum number of batteries sMaximaal 2