MFS E-GO S8 Matte black


MFS E-GO S8 Matte black
The modern MFS E-GO S8 is good news for e-scooter fans! This model is equipped with an alarm, keyless driving and the safe EBS braking system. In addition, the MFS E-GO S8 accelerates at lightning speed and can be equipped with 2 batteries that you do not have to change. It is also available in new, contemporary colors, including the unique ‘chameleon’ version. As usual with IVA, the price-quality ratio is again excellent with the MFS E-GO S8. Get to know this new model better below!

Top quality affordable e-scooter
The e-scooter brand MFS is known for its contemporary scooters that remain very affordable. You do not pay the highest price for the modern, safe design as for a Vespa. The MFS E-GO S8 is again a beautiful version of this scooter brand! Quick start with keyless driving, a large range and the EBS braking system: these are just some of the features of this top quality e-scooter. Moreover, you can see at a glance that the finishing level of the MFS E-GO S8 is excellent. Stylish and safe on the road for a great price: what more could you want? A few features of the MFS E-GO S8 in brief:

High quality Boch motor of 3000w
Durable and removable lithium battery Equipped
as standard with alarm system
EBS braking system
Clear and clear LCD screen
Keyless driving (distance start)
Sturdy and manoeuvrable (titanium swingarm)
Available in 25 km and 45 km version
Powerful, maintenance

Extending range
The range of the MFS E-GO S8 can be expanded with a second battery. Your range will then be 160 km instead of 80. The handy thing about the MFS E-GO S8 is that both batteries can be connected at the same time. So you don't have to change the battery!

The safety of the MFS E-GO S8
When it comes to safety, the MFS E-GO S8 has thought of everything. For example, the EBS braking system comes into action as soon as there is a risk of your wheels slipping or blocking. The standard alarm system that the MFS E-GO S8 is equipped with is truly unique: this makes it a bit more difficult for thieves. We still recommend that you secure your e-scooter with a lock. The rock-solid titanium swingarm and reliable motor do the rest when it comes to safety. Of course, the MFS E-GO S8 also has bright LED lighting.

Quick start with keyless driving
One of the modern features of the MFS E-GO S8 is keyless driving. If you are in a hurry, just start your e-scooter from a distance. Contemporary

Specifications for: MFS E-GO S8 Matte black
DriveRear -wheel drive Range up to
160 km
Motor3000w Bosch maintenance
-free Battery60V 23.4Ah (1 battery)
Battery typeLithium-Ion Samsung
Charging time4-6 hours
Brake typeFront disc / rear disc
Maximum allowed weight200kg
Empty weightkg
standYes Wheels12 inch
Length166 cm
Width70 cm
Height118 cm
LED LightingYes
Number of personsMaximum 2
personsMaximum number of batteries2 batteries