Low maintenance with the reliable Bosch Motor The major advantage of electric driving with the E-GO S5 is in the motor. Since it is powered by electricity, it is of course much cheaper to drive than the fuel variant. The maintenance-free Bosch motor is also subject to very little wear. This makes the choice for an electric scooter increasingly easier. The only maintenance you will have on the mfs E-GO S5 is wear and tear on the brakes and tires. That saves on costs! Advantages of the E-GO S5: LED lighting at the front Removable lithium-ion battery Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Very powerful 3000 Watt Bosch motor Fitted with fold-out footrests for a passenger Option for a suitcase (in color) for more storage space Clear and bright LCD Dashboard Standard equipped with alarm and Keyless driving Very strong titanium swingarm (swingarm) Has an EBS braking system (Electronic Brake System) Extra strength and comfort Instead of a standard swingarm, the MFS E-GO S5 is equipped with a very strong titanium swingarm. This provides extra strength and driving comfort on the road surface. Removable battery The very powerful removable lithium battery provides a range of up to 80 kilometers*. The battery can be charged about 800 times. If desired, two batteries can be s are placed next to each other, doubling the range to 160 km. Security The MFS E-GO S5 is standard equipped with an extensive alarm system. With this unique alarm system with built-in motion sensor and fall detection, the scooter is very well protected. The scooter is also equipped with the ''keyless drive system'' getting on and driving off has never been so easy.