Rolektro E-Trike 25 V.3 Lithium


he Rolektro E-Trike is an ideal electric vehicle for all people who are restricted in their movement but would still like to be on the move and are looking for a practical, electric vehicle.
The E-Trike 25 V.3 from Rolektro is an electric vehicle of the latest generation, designed according to German requirements and safety standards, whose design, functionality and equipment make the difference.
Version 3 of the popular Trike 15 has a replaceable 60V-30AH lithium battery that can be charged internally as well as EXTERNAL.
Charging in the home, office, etc. is now conveniently possible.
Thanks to the three speed levels (6 km / h, 12 km / h or 25 km / h), the e-scooter can also be driven very comfortably at walking pace.
The existing reverse gear makes the e-scooter easy to maneuver!
Powerful disc brakes, seat belts and integrated rollover protection guarantee safe driving pleasure in traffic!
Equipped with the 1000W motor, the electric vehicle has a range of up to approx. 70 KM.
Charging takes place via the charger at a normal household 230V socket. This makes it an ideal and inexpensive means of transport for the local area.

Your vehicle is delivered 95% pre-assembled! Only the mirrors still need to be attached.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1500 x 700 x 1050 mm
Speed ​​max. 25 km / h
Cruise control 6 km / h - 12 km / h - 25 km / h