MFS A1000 black


MFS A1000 Black
The MFS A1000 is a very powerful scooter with excellent suspension for more comfort. Obstacles can be easily overcome by the powerful motor and the larger wheels. The A1000 has bright lighting and is equipped with a digital cockpit. In addition, the A1000 is equipped with excellent suspension for more comfort while driving. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h you can always get from A to B super fast.

Key Features
Ergonomic Handlebar: An ergonomic handlebar for a comfortable and relaxed ride.
Handbrake: Provides immediate braking if necessary.
Brake Lights: Clear, bright brake lights warn vehicles behind that the scooter is slowing down.
The MFS A1000 is available in 2 colors black and brown.
Whether you enjoy a quick trip to friends for dinner or a short trip to the shop, with the MFS A1000 this is no problem at all. The MFS A1000 is the perfect mix of comfort, safety and reliability.