Sterling swift


With the scooter Swift you have an affordable, comfort-bale scooter. You have an
adjustable rear suspension, adjustable steering column and an adjustable seat. In addition to comfort,
the Swift's size is also a feature. For example, the total length is only 128 cm, with a width of
60 cm. Doing errands or going into town should be no problem at all.
The dashboard is equipped with large soft-touch buttons, so you do not have to exert force on the
buttons to turn a function on or off. The scooter Swift has a hand and
thumb operation, so you can operate the scooter the way you like it.
Furthermore, the scooter is equipped with front and rear lights, direction indicators,
warning lights and horn. The scooter also comes with a warranty and a
Speed: 10 km/h
Range: +/- 25 km
Total length: 128 cm
Total width: 60 cm
Lighting: YES
Maximum user weight: 135 kg