Double 4 wheel scooter


Technical On Four Duo mobility scooter 4 wheel 2 person disabled vehicle

 Engine power: 1000 watts 3 gears: 1st max. 12km 2nd = max. 19km 3rd max. 25km Reverse: Yes, with switch on the right, max. 6km Battery Standard: 60volt, 20 Ah lead gel range: 35km-2 persons Battery optional: 60v 20/40/60/80/lOOAh range: 40/80/120/160/200km-2 persons Maximum speed: 25km Charging time: standard 6-8 hours, from 4OAh there are optional fast chargers. Tire size: 3.00 — l0inch Gradeability: 15% Permissible weight: 300kg Display: Digital, speed/battery/acceleration/distance/trip Lighting: LED dim big city light/direction/brake/rear light/alarm Including: Lockable case in color Horn: Front Approval: EEC Dimensions On Four Duo 2 person disabled vehicle: Total vehicle length including standard suitcase = 228cm Total vehicle length without suitcase = 199cm Total vehicle width = 73 cm